Google Glass' Short Film for Mother's Day Is Simply Perfect (VIDEO)

google glass mother's day ad

You ready to have those fragile heartstrings pulled? Google Glass has just released a wonderful short film perfect for any mom this Mother's Day. Of course, it's basically an ad to hype up their Google Glass, but who cares! I barely even knew what Google Glass was (it's a a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display, says good ol' Wikipedia), so damn the corporate advertising giants for making an ad that actually ... works!

What better way to show off the perks of Google Glass than chronicling the love between a mother and her son? Twenty-three-year-old director Aneesh Chaganty embarks on a long journey from California all the way to a small village in India, where his mother resides. He goes on essentially every single type of transportation imaginable, interacting with the locals, eating delicious-looking food, carrying around what seems to be a precious envelope.

You may be able to guess what's inside, but check out the short video for yourself!


Love it! So cute.

Mashable reports that the 2:30-minute short film, called "Seeds," was shot over 10 days in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, and India. Chaganty wore the same clothes and a wedding ring during the production. And the surprise at the end, though it may be fictional, is so moving and touching, awesome for moms to see this time of year!

Google's been trying to fix Glass' image after initially being met with lots of controversy. Seems that this is the way to do it! Though it may be tough to figure out what exactly to do with Google Glass on an everyday basis, this just goes to show the possibilities that may be available to aspiring filmmakers.

Regardless, this is still a great tribute to moms everywhere around the globe! Kudos, Google Glass. And kudos to Chaganty for his obvious talent!

Did you love this video from Google Glass? What are you doing for your mom on Mother's Day?


Image via Google Glass/YouTube

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