Toddler Kept Alive by Dog After He Wanders Away From Home for the Night

I confess I am a cat person. Always have been; always will be. But would a cat ever save my life or that of my child? Errr, well, only if you can save a life by being cute and funny. As for that real life-saving stuff, we have dogs. Dogs go into battle. Dogs sniff out bombs and drugs. Dogs capture criminals. Cats? They lounge around looking bemusedly at you while you ask, nervously, "Need anything else, Fluffy?" (Which I love about them! Don't get me wrong!) So let's just say it's a good thing that 3-year-old Carson Urness had a dog for a pet, or he might not be alive today. After the toddler sparked a huge manhunt by disappearing from his front yard, it wasn't his family nor the police who saved him -- it was his pooch, Cooper.


Carson, who lived on a farm in North Dakota, wandered away from his home while playing outside. Yes, yes, I know. How did THAT happen? Well, he lived out in the middle of nowhere, basically, and apparently his folks would let him play outside. Erm, all day. Hey, what can I say?

But when Carson wandered off from his home and his mom, Courtney, realized he was gone, she frantically called police. A 200-person manhunt ensued. They even used a search plane and a search dog (there's that dog thing again!).

But no sign of Carson. Night came and went. And the only thing keeping this mom somewhat calm was the fact that someone else was missing too -- the family dog, Cooper. She told WDAY:

You think of the worst, but then I knew Cooper was gone. If anyone was going to find him, they'd just have to find Cooper.

Then, the morning after he disappeared, a miracle: Carson was found a mile from his home. And right with him was ... you guessed it. Cooper! In fact, Cooper was reportedly on top of him, keeping the boy warm in the cold evening.

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Cooper was a puppy when the family rescued him as a stray -- and he definitely has given back now.

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Image via WDAY

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