5 Houseplants Even YOU Can’t Kill (PHOTOS)

Philodendren "Why are all my houseplants dying?!" Thus goes the rallying cry of the amateur green-thumb. I've been there. You love plants, and you've managed to keep both children and animals alive, why are their Earth-bound compatriots proving to be so much more challenging? All they need is water and sun, right? How can it be so hard? And yet it is.

You've probably thought of giving up altogether, or at least cultivating a rock garden instead. Don't give up all of your dreams of being the next Susie Q. Gardener! Sure, there are absolutely some plants that are more difficult to care for than others. We're so often drawn to fragile, needy plants like orchids. But honestly, if even highly skilled professionals struggle with those guys, what did we think was going to happen?

But just because those tough-to-nurture plants weren't a great success, that doesn't mean you should give up. We've put together a short list of 5 houseplants that are almost impossible to kill. Everybody deserves a little green in their life! These houseplants are pretty, low-maintenance, and can stick with you for a very long time, and that is a beautiful thing!

Do you have a green-thumb or are you a plant killer?


Image via Corbis

  • Rubber Plant


    Image via Maja Dumat/Flickr

    You've only got to water this sucker about once a week. Plus, they live a long time and have very strong roots. You'll be hard-pressed to accidentally murder this one.

  • Nerve Plant


    Image via Liz West/Flickr

    Nerve plants are great in-house additions. They need light, and watering every four days or so. They will dramatically "faint" if they get too dry, but pop back up in a matter of minutes with watering.

  • Jade Plant


    Image via Tanaka Juuyoh/Flickr

    Jade is not only thought to be lucky -- you only have to water it ONCE A MONTH. Kill-proof, baby.

  • Cactus Plant


    Image via Sudarshan V/Flickr

    Cactus plants don't need a lot of light or water -- again, once a month waterings are fine. Make sure you let the Earth completely dry out between waterings. Also good for hurling at intruders. Just kidding. OR AM I?

  • Philodendron Plant


    Image via Corbis

    Got a dark bedroom but one you'd think would look super-swanky with a plant in it? Try a philodendron. They are beautiful, sprawling plants that don't like a lot of light. They only need watering once a week, so on Monday mornings, tip that glass of water by your bed from the night before on in there!


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