What's on REAL Women's Refrigerator Doors? (PHOTOS)

refrigerator doorLook into any woman's eyes and you'll see her soul ... maybe. But look at a woman's refrigerator door and you'll see her life. What's on your fridge door? Mine has some kid art and snapshots of my son and me, along with some banana stickers. It definitely reads: Single mama. Here's 9 different refrigerator doors -- and what we think they reveal about their owners. Can you relate to any of these?

  • Minimalist Mom's Fridge


    "I just can't handle anything on there ... " confesses the mom of two who sent this photo. Granted, you can't stick magnets on this kind of door, but even if she could? No. Way. This is an organized woman who loves ORDER.


  • Single Lady's Fridge


    It's all about the par-tay for this lady -- oh, and also cats. This is the fridge that proves cat ladies aren't just lonely spinsters.

  • Butterfly Fan's Fridge


    Somebody really, really loves butterflies.

  • Clever Designer's Fridge



    Wow, artfully-arranged spice jars on your refrigerator! You've got you act together, lady. This fridge owner is all about form and function, efficiency with a dash of fun. I want to be this person someday.

  • Would-Be Healthy Eater's Fridge



    Oh I can relate to this: You're trying to eat healthy, so you buy vegetables. But then you get busy and don't have time to cook. And the veggies die a sad death. And you feel doubly guilty. Not this time!

  • Artist With Loads of Time's Fridge


    Don't get me wrong -- this looks beautiful. I'm impressed, really. But, um, do you just not have ANYTHING to do?

  • Mom of a Toddler's Fridge


    Those of us with small children recognize those bright alphabet letter magnets -- it's what you buy as soon as you're sure they're 1. Ready to start learning 2. Can be trusted not to put them in their mouths all the time. This is the mom of a toddler.

  • Unicorn's Fridge



    If you've always wondered what a unicorn's refrigerator looks like, this is it.

  • Left-Leaning Fridge



    Bob Marley, Obama, bikes -- you can probably guess the owner's political leanings by what they have stuck on their door.

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