Man Becomes Surrogate Mom to 13 Adorable Ducklings (VIDEO)

If you're craving your daily dose of cute, you're in luck: this is just about the most awwww-inspiring video you're going to see all day. "Rick" found 18 duck eggs and, upon discovering the mother duck had been killed, placed them in an incubator in order to give them a proper chance at life. When the eggs hatched, "Rick" was the first moving object the ducklings caught sight of -- and through the process of "imprinting," they instantly became attached to him and now consider the man their mommy.



"Rick"s neighbor uploaded this video of the ducklings following the man around his property, and it quickly attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers. The neighbor's daughter claims she found out "Rick" is planning on keeping the cuties at his home until they are older. He's even going to train them how to use a section of his yard to go potty -- though I'm not sure whether they'll rebel against that rule? When they get a bit older, he's apparently going to set them free in the lakes and ponds around their neighborhood.

So glad this man is happy to assume the all-important mom role these ducklings need! The only question I have is: what are they going to do when he decides to go out for a few hours? As it stands, they're so attached to his feet, I'm thinking maybe he could get away with leaving behind one of his shoes and hoping they cuddle up to it until he returns home.

Here's the video -- enjoy!

Have you ever taken in and cared for animals from the wild?


Image via YouTube

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