Disabled Kitten & His ‘Guardian Angel’ Are So Cute Together You’ll Die (VIDEO)

dogs!If you can't read this article, that's because it's so damn cute it broke the Internet just by existing. Ralphee the kitten was born with cerebellar hypoplasia. That's big-fancy-medical speak for "Ralphee walks around like the town drunk." The condition affects the brains of young cats. It can sound and look scary, but these cats can live healthy, long lives.

They can also lead ADORABLE ones! Check out Ralphee. Look at him, just chilling with his bestie. As one does. Only most of us aren't best friends with MAX, THE SMILING-EST, NICEST DOGGIE ON THE PLANET! I can't even with this. I maybe love this video so much that I stood up, squealed, and ran around in a tight, concentric circle. It really freaked my cube-mates out. But that's just straight-up how I roll, cheesin' it over cute things. Gangsta 4 Lyfe.


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I would watch an entire T.V. show chronicling their daily adventures. Apparently, wherever the kitten goes, the puppy is never far behind. It's like Milo and Otis! Actually, something about this duo definitely gives off more of a Pinky and The Brain vibe.


Just look at Ralphee and Max. Nothing can be so cute and not quietly be scheming to take over the world. I feel like if they succeeded, it would be a great world, with plenty of time for naps, with mandatory cuddling enforced for all. Ralphee and Max for benign world overlords in 2015! Whee!

What's the strangest animal duo you've ever seen?


Image via Wakaleo/YouTube

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