8 Common Household Bugs & How to Get Rid of Them (PHOTOS)

cockroach Is there anything worse than not knowing how to get rid of the bugs you find when you're spring cleaning?! Be it roaches or spiders or even ladybugs, springtime is when they all seem to come out of hiding. This isn't just an annoying discovery, it's super-gross and can be dangerous in terms of keeping your home sanitary. 

We've rounded up 8 of the most infamous households pests. Some are dangerous, others are gross, and some, you might argue, aren't pests at all! You can always enlist the help of a professional exterminator when it comes to getting rid of household pests. But that can be super-costly. Let us help you with some quick, easy, and cheap ways to banish those bugs once and for all! 

If you're worried that all these methods will involve heavy-duty and potentially dangerous toxins, don't be! There are several all-natural alternatives, which we'll discuss. Plus, for the most part, with all unwanted household critters, there is a surefire and easy way to keep the bugs out that involves no pesticides: Prevention. That's the key to keeping the bugs gone. This means keeping a relatively clean house, always cleaning your counters, and managing your trash responsibly. That's half of the buggy battle.

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  • Grain Moths


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    A clean sweep of your cupboard is your best bet with grain moths. If you've opened nuts, flours, pastas, or grain already, chuck them. Store new boxes in the fridge. Then thoroughly clean out your cupboards. This should end the cycle. Natural herbs like sage are known to repel moths -- add some sage sachets to your clean cupboards to help.

  • Cockroaches


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    Roaches, barf! If you've spotted how they're getting into your place, sprinkle that area with boric acid. Your plants, pets, and kids will be fine, but the roaches will eat it and die quick, easy deaths. 

  • Silverfish


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    *Shudder* Silverfish! They love wet places. So keep the area around your sinks and underneath them nice and dry. They can't get enough of water-damage. Then, invest in a rosemary plant -- the suckers hate them! 

  • Houseflies


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    This is another one where prevention is key! Don't let your fruit spoil, keep your garbage covered, and always keep your counters clean. Commercial fly strips can definitely help, but so can setting a trap using water and dish detergent. They'll be drawn in, and then drown.

  • Ladybugs


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    Aw, ladybugs are cute! But they are scads of them in your home they get infinitely less so. If you prefer a cruelty free method, try vacuuming them up and releasing them back outside! Then check your screens (of windows and doors) for holes that might need patching. 

  • Spiders


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    Think twice before you banish all those spiders from your home. They are the insect equivalent of a cat -- they are there to help eat up all those other annoying pests. If you must banish the spiders, start with a good sweeping and dusting of the corners of your home -- floors AND ceiling. Once done, a solution of water and vinegar sprayed will knock them out. Spiders can't handle the acid in vinegar. 

  • Ants


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    Ants are no picnic (see what I did there?). To get rid of them, salt and chalk are your two best friends! Start outside, sprinkle salt or chalk around loose windows or any other place where you think they be gaining access to your home. 

  • Stink Bugs


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    These stinky fellas are easier to banish then you might think. If you spot them, spray them a mixture of soap and water and boom -- no more bugs. 

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