Babysitter’s Pit Bull Gets ‘Life Without Parole’ Instead of Death for Attacking Child

Mickey the pit bullA pit bull was recently sentenced to life behind bars. That's not something you hear every day. I'm not making light of the situation; let's get that clear from the start. The events that landed him locked up forever might be hard for you to stomach. Mickey, the dog, mauled a 4-year-old boy, scarring him for life. The dog "locked onto" the boy's face for several minutes. He's recovering now but not without the assistance of many surgical procedures. 

How did this happen? Mickey belonged to the little boy's babysitter. The boy in question was playing in the backyard where Mickey was chained up. While both the dog's owners and the poor kid's parents were fine with the idea of putting the dog to sleep, the judge disagreed. This isn't a case of a crazy animal fanatic -- this is a case of an intelligent judge pointing the finger of blame back where it belongs: At Mickey's owners.


Don't get me wrong -- I think what happened is just atrocious, but I don't think it's right that a dog should be murdered for actions that were caused by the way the owner treated him. The judge in question thought the same thing. Mickey, rather than being put to sleep, is going to be neutered, defanged, and spend his life in a no-kill shelter. It breaks my heart to think that he'll be deprived of a home, but given his life so far, anything would be an improvement.

No dog is born "wanting" to hurt anyone, least of all a child. This dog was essentially set up by the poor care his owner provided. Mickey lives in Arizona, he was left outside, chained up, ALL DAY in the sweltering heat. He had limited movement due to his chain, AND his owner didn't see fit to have him neutered. That's a perfect storm presaging total disaster. Frankly, the owner should be thanking their lucky stars that Mickey didn't do a whole lot more damage than he did.

When you adopt a pet, you become responsible for that animal. Treating it well should go without saying. When it acts out in any way, we live in a society where IT is the one who will pay a price, not the owner. If I had my way, Mickey's owners would be doing some time behind bars too.

What do you think of the judge's decision?


Image via Media News Lover/YouTube

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