Tiny Hamster Eating a Super-Tiny Burrito Will Attack You With Cuteness (VIDEO)​

Hamsters: they're just like us. Oh, you don't think so? And what's that you say -- all rodents are a menace to society? You've obviously never seen an adorable little hamster nibbling on an equally adorable -- and quite possibly the world's tiniest -- burrito. Well, today's your lucky day because here's your chance to check it out! And, although you might be a little creeped out depending on how much you love or despise hamsters, we promise you won't be disappointed.


The video starts off with a man taking great care to slice and dice all of the ingredients needed to make a delish burrito -- I'm pretty sure he even includes cilantro in his recipe, which is a lot more effort than I put into making burritos for the humans in my family. He uses tweezers to place miniature veggies and meat cubes onto itty-bitty tortillas and then rolls them. He even sets up a hilarious "fine dining" experience for the hamster, complete with a crayon box chair and poker chip plate.

Like every other man, woman, child, and hamster on Earth, this one immediately devours his teeny burrito -- and keeps going and going until it seems like he has consumed his weight in burritos. It's very impressive and proof that burritos are universally loved -- they're, basically, the perfect food.

Stop whatever you're doing and watch this cute hamster eat this cute burrito. It will restore your faith in everything good in the world. And it might make you run out and buy a hamster. And a burrito.

What do you think of this video? Are you a fan of burritos?


Image via YouTube

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