How to Clean Your Bathroom in Under 15 Minutes

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Call me a weirdo, but I actually enjoy cleaning my bathroom. It's my sanctuary and I love the daydream-inducing sky blue penny tiles I picked out for the floor. It's just that I have a LIFE, see, and that kind of gets in the way of doing a deep cleaning of my bathroom. Most of the time we get by on a quick swipe -- and by quick, I mean 10 to 15 minutes. I'm starting to get pretty good at this drive-by cleaning. Here's how the quickie bathroom cleaning goes down.


Each of these tasks gets no more than 3 minutes, tops.

1. Clean the toilet. If I have time for only one task, this is almost always it. I have to have a clean-ish toilet. I live with a little boy. So, I'll do a quick, vigorous scrub in the bowl and a fast wipe-down with cleanser everywhere else.

2. Pick up strays. I don't have counters, so stuff doesn't collect there. And no one is allowed to just drop a towel on the floor. But for a quick clean, I'll pick up any stray objects left out on the sink or the floor. And I'll get rid of hair in drains, though that's something I do daily after my shower anyway.

3. Clean scum in corners. You know that ring of scum you get around the tub? I'll take on the whole thing if I have time. But if not, I'll just get the corners, where it's worst. And I'll also scrub the corners of my bathroom floor, where air currents push the most dust and gunk.

4. Swipe the sink. I'll get the handles and faucet first. Then I'll clean any globs of toothpaste. (Ugh, WHY does anyone think it's okay to leave that?!?)

5. Sparkle-fy the mirror. Last of all, I'll clean the mirror. It takes ten seconds and makes everything look so much better.

And then I scamper off like a bunny rabbit muttering to myself, "good enough, good enough, good enough." Onto the next item on my mile-long list.

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