8 Reasons Why Cute Storage Solutions Are Totally Useless for Parents

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If I had to pick my very favorite retail shop in the world to browse through, I think it would be The Container Store. You know, the store that sells ... containers? I love looking through all the clever storage options and fantasizing my house neatly organized and color-coordinated from top to bottom.

The problem is, when you're a parent, it really doesn't matter how many baskets and shelves and boxes and gadgets you have, because children can transform any organization solution to a Hoarders-level disaster zone in three seconds flat. Behold, 8 of the various storage options I've created for my kids -- and what these areas of my house actually look like 99.99999 percent of the time.

The shoe basket that no one actually puts shoes in:


The toy box with stuff piled on top so it can't be opened:


The laundry container that is apparently surrounded by a clothes-repelling force field:


The shelves that are supposed to neatly display stuffed animals in a super-cute manner:


The toothpaste holder:


The LEGO bins:


The shelves where books are supposed to be neatly organized:


The coat rack. THE COAT RACK.


Do you have this problem at your house too?

Images via Linda Sharps



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bills... billsfan1104

Every time I see a HGTV show, where they make storage options for the family, I laugh my ass off. Because it's beautiful for a minute, and when the cameras are gone, it's a whole different story.

nonmember avatar sam

Lol! Yes. That's why I am constantly getting rid of things the kids outgrow or stop playing with and most my toy boxes/bins are in closets, that's also where there shoes, bags, coats go. I can't stand hallway/entryway storage.

JS0512 JS0512

I was SO proud of myself because I converted the storage room off of our family room into toy storage.  Bought two 5 tier metal shelves & TONS of plastic bins.  All puzzles are in one, all dolls & their things are in another, block sets in their own bins, etc.  The thought being that if you wanted to play with blocks, you'd take the blocks out and then put them BACK before getting the next thing.  It was beautiful & perfect for about 2 days.  My youngest daughter is 3 & there is a child safety knob on the door, but she's mastered that and so everything is strewn about and my storage room is full of empty bins & rouge toys.  She's not my first (though she's the only one that still really plays with toys) so I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!  

Hima Bindu

my life in a nutshell

nonmember avatar Jess

I think a lot of these storage items fail because they are too small and there is too many items. ie shoe basket small, toothpaste cup small

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I have a shoe rack surrounded by shoes, a cube shelf surrounded by empty boxes, and a stack of mail sitting on a filing box right now and that's just the things I can see. Let's not even talk about my kitchen where my husband ever so helpfully put away spices after a marathon cooking session but put them in the wrong racks. 

Saskia Hehemann

it's an international thing I'm afraid. This Dutch mom has the exact same experience but I have to admit I sometimes take a pic and post it on my Facebook-status:' Look how tidy my living room looks....for a whole minute'  ROFL (my friends know what I'm like ha ha so they don't get fooled)

nonmember avatar Kelsey

Or, here's a thought. You could teach your children not to be slobs.

Bellum Bellum

All this makes me feel so much better!  I thought it was just me!  And the Neil DeGrasse Tyson gif is hilarious!

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