Insanely Cute Puppy Can't Get Enough of This Scrub Brush (VIDEO)

puppyIs there anything cuter than an English Bulldog puppy? The answer is: YES! This video of an English Bulldog puppy being transported to another level of happiness courtesy of the vigorous brushing she's receiving from her owner is priceless. Hilariously, she can't get enough of a simple household scrub brush. I can't even get over this. The tummy! Her little face! The apparent ecstasy she falls into upon getting her rough cuddles on! AH! It is sincerely too much cute for me to handle. I can feel my teeth rotting from the sweetness and I LOVE IT.


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Her name, according to the video, is Agnes. Seriously, have you seen anything sweeter? Bulldogs are, in my humble opinion, always adorable -- but this puppy takes the cake. She is this totally perfect little ball of pudgy awesome. I would like to eat her up.

I defy you to watch this video and then disagree with me. If you do, I'll challenge you to fisticuffs, and I am known throughout the seven kingdoms to be a fierce fighter. Ask anyone.

In the video, Agnes is totally enthralled with the intense rubdown she's receiving courtesy of her owner. When her human papa takes a break from brushing, the pup is incensed! She grabs the brush and lugs it off under a desk. But before long, she realizes that having the brush solves only half of her problems. Soon she's back and begging for more brushing. If you are looking for a dose of happy this fine day, you've come to the right place. 

What other sort of cute videos make you super-happy?


Image via Nikolaj Kavallar/YouTube

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