The Secret to Starting Seedlings in Adorable Eggshell Cups (VIDEO)

When I initially saw seedlings sprouting from eggshells, I thought they looked cute, but I wasn't sure why someone would go to the trouble of planting seeds this way. Growing plants inside eggshells seemed a little over the top, but once I realized people were doing this as a clever way to transport sprouting plants into their garden, it made perfect sense. Once transported, the eggshell actually feeds your garden!

It's also helpful for people interested in growing herbs indoors, but don't have a garden. Growing them from an egg carton is a space saver and it's ecological and it can make for a lovely centerpiece.

With this in mind, I grabbed a carton of eggs, top soil, and seeds and started my project!


Find out if I determined whether or not growing seedlings in eggshells was a Pinterest win or a Pinterest fail!:

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Would you ever try growing seedlings in eggshell cups?

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