Crazed Cat 'Flips' & Viciously Attacks Family (VIDEO)

Soooo, what's goin' on with cats lately? First there was that cat that attacked the woman who kicked snow at him. Then there was the ferocious feline who trapped an entire family, plus their dog, in the bedroom. Now meet Khat -- the cat who sent three family members to the hospital. Is Internet fame going to this species' heads? They are sure acting like divas lately!


Khat, a 1-year-old feline in Roseville, California, apparently went off one day and attacked three different members of his family. The family does not want to be identified and who could blame them? The last family who called 911 over a cat became a laughingstock.

After the kitty allegedly attacked three people, the family called police, but since animal control was unavailable, dispatch sent the fire department. Captain Derek Carey told ABC News 10 that the call was "absolutely a first" for the crew, who had to throw a blanket over the frisky feline when it latched onto one of the responder's boots and wouldn't let go.

Eventually Khat was taken away. The owner says that the feline has never shown signs of aggression before. "He just flipped," she said. Khat was a domesticated cat without a history of violence. So what could have happened?

Cats can become aggressive if they feel threatened. For instance, in the case of Lux, who trapped his family in a room, the owner reportedly admitted he had disciplined the cat by "spanking" him. You just don't hit a cat. They don't know you are "disciplining" and think you are attacking.

As for the woman who got a face full of cat in Michigan, she is seen kicking snow on the cat right before he went all ninja cat on her.

So who knows if this cat felt threatened in some way, possibly even by something the family did unintentionally. Kids can sometimes trigger defensive postures in animals, and cats are not likely to take kindly to having their tails pulled or ears yanked or even just held when they don't want to be held. Adults should always supervise children around animals and teach kids that animals need boundaries and respect.

Cats can also become aggressive if they are in pain or not feeling well. Anything from a urinary tract infection to a brain tumor could explain a cat suddenly going haywire. One woman I know picked up her cat after a radiator fell on him and he bit her -- it was because he had broken his leg and was in major pain.

There are some cats who are just aggressive -- I know a woman whose cat would randomly attack me when I was merely sitting on her couch -- but they are rare. Most likely if a cat doesn't have a history of aggressive behavior and it suddenly becomes meaner than Mike Tyson looking at an ear, then you should take him to the vet and also examine if any circumstances led to the cat to feeling threatened.

Khat's owners were treated for superficial wounds and released. Khat was taken to the SPCA and there's no word of his fate yet.

Have you ever seen a cat attack?

Image via ABC News 10

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