9 Wonderfully Embarrassing Autocorrect Fails From Moms (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | Apr 30, 2014 Home & Garden
9 Wonderfully Embarrassing Autocorrect Fails From Moms (PHOTOS)

moms autocorrectAutocorrect, she is a cruel mistress. No one can admit to not having sent a mortifying text message or two in error. And it's funny enough when you come across the average autocorrect fail. Who doesn't love a misused word transforming the ordinary into the hilarious and embarrassing? However, mom goofs are better than all other goofs. Yes, even the best, most Super-Moms on the planet have fallen victim to the wiles of autocorrect.

We've collected some of our favorite mom texting fails here. No cellphone is safe from mama's autocorrects, and we've got all the proof of that you need here. Curse you, screenshots! And also -- thank you screenshots!

Have you ever accidentally sent a totally mortifying text?

Image via Parents Shouldn't Text

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