Puppy May Have Been Burned by ‘Monster Owner’ in Horrific Act of Abuse (PHOTOS)

Hope, Florida dog set on fire by ownerA man in Florida was arrested today after doing something truly evil. Larry Wallace has been accused of chaining his dog Hope inside a shed in his backyard and then setting that shed on fire. Hope survived the fire, which took place at the end of last month, but it hasn't been an easy battle. Wallace was initially released after Hope's horrific ordeal, but new undisclosed evidence has him back in jail.

Poor little Hope has been undergoing intensive treatment to recover from the wounds that covered most of her body. Particularly gruesome was the damage done to Hope's eyes. Her corneas were badly damaged by the fire. Her medical caretakers worried that her eyes might literally rupture and put drops in them every six hours to save them. This is only one of the trials the pup has had to face.


Hope's entire body has been covered in ointments, and a full-body wrap was placed on her to protect her weakened frame. In addition to damage done to her skin, her muscles have also been damaged. But there have been small victories. She is improving every day and recently began eating and drinking on her own instead of having to rely on IV fluids.

hope, dog nearly killed by owner

You could argue that another victory for Hope has been her former owner's arrest. Wallace for his part remains "stunned" by his arrest. I'm "stunned" that if this is true, there's a human being who walks this Earth and thinks it's okay to treat an animal this way. We hear stories of neglect and abuse of animals so often that we run the risk of becoming inured to it.

hope, dog nearly killed by owner

These photos of Hope and her story itself are a stark reminder of just how helpless animals are and how much they need our protection. To learn more about Hope, check out the Hardee Animal Rescue Team's website. They are managing her care. I hope the man who did this to her receives the punishment he deserves and that she continues to get well.

Have you ever adopted a pet who comes from an abusive home?


Images via Hardee Animal Rescue Team

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