8 Hilariously Bad Easter Egg Fails & How to Fix Them (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Apr 14, 2014 Home & Garden

messed up dyed Easter eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs: It's such a simple idea. You dunk boiled eggs into colored water. They dry. And you get a beautiful rainbow of colored orbs. SO WHY DOES SO MUCH GO WRONG? Some of you manage egg dyeing with no problem. The rest of us struggle every year with the unfortunate condition known as Easter Egg Fail. Here are the 8 most common failures -- and what you can do to either prevent them or repair the damage.


  • Uneven, Peeling Dye Job


    This happens sometimes when the protein coating of an egg comes off partially during boiling or when your color tablet hasn't completely dissolved in your vinegar and water solution. Stirring the eggs in the dye bath can cause splotching, too. To prevent this, rinse off your eggs after boiling them and make sure they feel smooth. Keep them still while you're dyeing.

  • Not-So-Pretty Egg Colors



    If you're dyeing with kids, chances are the dye baths are going to get mixed up and you're going to end up with dull, gray colors. If it really matters to you, try mixing up a super-dark concentrated blue or purple and re-dyeing. Or you can paint with a non-toxic acrylic paint.

  • Eggsplosion Definitely Looks Like an Explosion



    Apparently that "Eggsplosion" kit is not all it's cracked up to be ...

  • More Eggsplosion Disasters



    If you've fallen victim, one way to save your eggs is to use crayon to color the rest of the egg. Or you can scrape off the colored splotches and just dye the old-fashioned way.

  • Death by Crayon



    Oh no, before you could even dye your egg, you've already punctured it! Carefully tape over the hole with masking tape and dye it last. It might still be okay. Display hole-side down.

  • Cracked Eggs



    You crack your boiled egg before dyeing or even during dyeing. Given the puncture problem, this one is actually pretty minor. I think the cracks give colored eggs a little character. Just dye them anyway. If you don't love the look, display crack-side down.

  • You Accidentally Buy Brown Eggs


    I have done this a few times -- I got everything out and ready, and just when I was about to start, I open the carton and D'OH! I accidentally bought brown eggs that can't be dyed! When that happens, there are other ways to decorate your eggs. You can paint your eggs -- white paint is especially pretty on brown. Stickers are fun if you have kids. Here are more brown Eater egg decorating ideas.

  • Egg Bursts When Boiled



    This is pretty bad -- when your egg actually bursts open while you're boiling it. You can prevent this by cooking your eggs on a low boil -- they don't have to cook on a high, rolling boil! Otherwise, once this happens, you could try cutting off the protruding egg, taping over, and dyeing anyway. Or you could just cut your losses and eat the egg.

  • Broken Eggs



    There ain't no cure for a dropped raw egg. Go out for pizza.

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