8 Fun New Ways to Color Easter Eggs With the Kids (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | Apr 12, 2014 Home & Garden
8 Fun New Ways to Color Easter Eggs With the Kids (PHOTOS)

8 ways to decorate your easter eggsIt's almost Easter! The family will be expecting at least two things. The first? A visit from the Easter bunny bearing all manner of tasty treats in baskets full of fake green grass. The second? That at least one afternoon will be spent doing this, the most hallowed of all Easter decorating projects: Dyeing Easter eggs

Sure, you can always buy one of the decorating kits from your local grocery or drug store. Those will come out just fine. But if you want to spice up your routine and do something new with the kids, you've come to the right place. 

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We've rounded up some of the hottest Easter egg trends for the year (totally a thing), and presented you with some of the best ideas of the bunch. My personal favorite is the chalkboard egg! If you're a teacher, this idea is even cuter to do in the classroom, no? Go through our list, and may inspiration strike you and your kiddos. 

Are you going to decorate Easter eggs this year?


Image via Jeran McConnel/Oleander & Palm

  • Chalkboard Eggs!


    Image via Oleander & Palm

    So cool. Ditch the dye altogether and paint your hard-boiled eggs with chalkboard paint! For a complete guide on how to, check out this step by step introduction. Any mistakes in design can be easily wiped away.

  • Bejeweled Eggs


    Image via Mad HausFrau/Flickr

    For the fabulous and not so practical, we suggest bejeweled eggs! Your little princess will adore this fresh take. A little bit of paste and your favorite fake gems, and you've got your own homemade take on a Faberge!

  • Oil Egg


    Image via Sarah Peach/Flickr

    Oh Martha, she never steers us wrong. Miss Stewart suggests mixing olive oil into your favorite dye and then swirling the egg to get these funky cool patterns. 

  • Fabric Wrapped Eggs


    Image via Nicole Abbott/Flickr

    A cheap bright print, on something thin like muslin, plus a little glue, and you've got some well-dressed yolks on your hands! 

  • Paper Craft Eggs


    Image via Nicole Abbott/Flickr

    Decoupage? Mai oui! A little glue and paper this time instead of fabric, and you're eggs are tres belle.

  • Glitter Eggs!


    Fact: Kids love glitter. Some well placed circles of glue followed by a sprinkle of glitter in your preferred color, and presto -- pretty dotted eggs!

  • Silhouette Eggs


    Image via Nicole Abbott/Flickr

    This one is great for the artists among us. Using a clear crayon to draw your design, then dye as usual to reveal your centerpiece. 

  • Dip Dyed Eggs


    Image via Nicole Abbott/Flickr

    Choose your colors wisely, and choose bold hues. Then use your fingers to dip your eggs as desired. Let egg dry completely between dips to ensure these clean strong lines.

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