8 Fun New Ways to Color Easter Eggs With the Kids (PHOTOS)

8 ways to decorate your easter eggsIt's almost Easter! The family will be expecting at least two things. The first? A visit from the Easter bunny bearing all manner of tasty treats in baskets full of fake green grass. The second? That at least one afternoon will be spent doing this, the most hallowed of all Easter decorating projects: Dyeing Easter eggs

Sure, you can always buy one of the decorating kits from your local grocery or drug store. Those will come out just fine. But if you want to spice up your routine and do something new with the kids, you've come to the right place. 


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We've rounded up some of the hottest Easter egg trends for the year (totally a thing), and presented you with some of the best ideas of the bunch. My personal favorite is the chalkboard egg! If you're a teacher, this idea is even cuter to do in the classroom, no? Go through our list, and may inspiration strike you and your kiddos. 

Are you going to decorate Easter eggs this year?


Image via Jeran McConnel/Oleander & Palm

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