Tidy Cat Cleans Up His Own Toilet Paper Mess All By Himself (VIDEO)

willie the catYou know that awesome thing toddlers do when they unroll an entire roll of toilet paper and then scamper off, leaving the bathroom in a snowdrift of TP? Wicked little trolls. Well, here's one thing cats have over toddlers -- or at least one cat does. You have to see this video. Yes, it's a cat video. I am pushing a cat video today! It's that kind of Thursday. But this one is worth it, I swear. I don't push just any kind of cat video on my readers. Check out what this cat named Willie does with a roll of toilet paper.


Right? So helpful! Now why can't a toddler do that? I kind of want to borrow Willie so he can help me with a few chores around the house. He seems quite clever and useful. Perhaps he's good at squeezing all the toothpaste to the end of the tube like it should be. Maybe he'll lick off all the dirty hand prints on the refrigerator door. Does he do windows?!?

Then again, maybe he'll just cough up a hairball in the middle of my living room rug. He is, after all, a cat.

Still, I am impressed. It's annoying that he unrolls the paper in the first place, but when he rolls it back up again, I just think ... could cats actually have the capacity for empathy after all? Nah! This is probably just some sort of weird cat mind trick he's playing on us. Tomorrow he'll knock over a potted plant and look at you like, "WHUT???" when you find a big pile of soil all over the living room rug.

Do you think this cat was trained to do this? What am I saying -- you can't train a cat. Or can you?


Image via Michael Thompson/YouTube

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