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8 Gorgeous Homemade Easter Baskets That Don't Cost a Fortune (PHOTOS)

easter basketsDoes it seem like Easter baskets just keep getting bigger, tackier, and more expensive every year? Maybe you don't want to hand your child a gargantuan cellophane-wrapped basket full of cavities-waiting-to-happen. Maybe you'd like to present them instead with something simple and beautiful that they'll actually remember -- and that isn't crazy expensive, either. We've got you covered. Here are 8 simply adorable Easter basket ideas that won't break the bank -- but will deliver some sweet holiday magic.


18 Easy, Affordable, Homemade Easter Baskets


2Egg Carton Mini-Baskets

Think small -- you can turn egg carton cups into wee Easter baskets with some pipe cleaner and tissue paper. Aren't these sweet?


3Minion Basket

Shut the front door! This Minion basket would be so easy. Find a yellow basket (or spray paint one yellow) and use construction paper to make his little face.


4Tutu for Your Basket

I've seen a lot of these tutu skirts for Easter baskets, and they're so pretty. Looking at the tutu tutorials, they don't look too hard to make. But I also think if you happen to have a toddler-sized tutu around (and if you have a little girl, that's pretty darn likely), you might be able to borrow it for your basket -- free and even easier.


5Fill With Familiar Friends

This smart mom used toys her daughter already owns to help fill a themed Easter basket. You don't have to get as much candy this way.


6Wheatgrass Basket

I think these wheatgrass-filled baskets are gorgeous -- and there's so much less mess than that artificial grass. And you can save the grass to use later.

8Basket Lined With Feathers

Here's another fun alternative to fake grass: Feathers. I love this feather-filled basket. And it's so pretty with just a few foil-covered chocolate eggs in contrasting colors.


9Happy Smiling Critters

I noticed this basket because it's so cheery. It's small and simple -- but everything is arranged in a visually appealing way. The Peeps and the basket bunny are looking right at you, and there's one "fancy" chocolate egg at the center with a few jelly beans tossed in around the sides. This was probably not expensive at all to make, but because of how it's put together, it's a beautiful example of less-is-more.

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