6 Things to Do With Peeps Besides Eating Them (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | Apr 10, 2014 Home & Garden
6 Things to Do With Peeps Besides Eating Them (PHOTOS)

6 funny things to do with peepsPeople get passionate about their Peeps. Nowadays you can buy Peeps for almost any holiday. But let's be real: Easter is when these brightly colored marshmallow treats shine the brightest, no? What makes them an all-around winner when it comes to celebrations is that you can do so much more with Peeps than just eat them. Of course, there are plenty of different ways you can eat Peeps, that goes without saying.

But if none of those modes of ingesting these seasonal goodies pique your interest, or if you just plain don't like Peeps (blasphemy), you can still stock up! There are plenty of other ways of expressing your love for Peeps without eating them. We've gathered up 6 of our favorite non-edible ideas for using this beloved candy treat. Some are hilarious, some are outrageous, others might be just the thing missing from your table this Easter.

Do you have any projects you like to use peeps for?


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