Super Fast New Cellphone Charger Sounds Almost Magical (WATCH)

woman charging phoneWho hasn't dreamed of a phone charger that took your phone from dead to ready to go almost instantly? If you're like me, you definitely have. Because you love your cellphone. You probably love it too much. As such, you might be familiar with a little something I like to call "battery panic." You know -- that feeling of dread that sucker-punches you right in the gut when you look down and see your phone is about to die and you haven't even made it to noon yet.

Now, what sounds like something out of a late-night science fiction movie has become reality. Please meet StoreDot, the newest, fastest charger out there. While researching Alzheimer's, of all things, scientists stumbled across this new technology. They're calling it "nanodots" -- tiny crystals that (among other things) make it possible to fully charge your phone in just 30 seconds without frying it. I want!


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Right now the device isn't ready to hit shelves -- but it's coming. Can you even imagine a world where not fretting about your battery is the norm? I kind of can't. Anyway, they say it could be ready for sale as early as 2016 (though we still do have to wait two years -- boo!). The last kink the company is trying to suss out, apparently, is how to make the device prettier and less bulky.

Currently the charger they've developed is too big and heavy. Some have compared it to the ones we use for laptops instead of the smaller devices we normally associate with revving up phones. Since this is the age of sleeker, lighter everything, they want to hold off on releasing it until they know it can compete with what's already out there. Looks-shmooks -- I don't care how unattractive and cumbersome it is. I'll be the first in line to buy one! They haven't listed a price for this dream machine yet, but whatever it is, it will be worth it.

Do you ever get battery panic?


Image via © Terry Vine/Blend Images/Corbis

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