Adorable Sleepy Puppy Just Won't Go to Bed -- Sound Familiar, Moms? (VIDEO)

puppyWhat do human and not-so-human babies have in common? They all hate bedtime! After all, there is so much to see and do and, if you are an adorable French bulldog puppy making the rounds today, sniff and yowl at, too. I dare you to watch this video and not coo at your screen at least once. This clip is proof that pet owners and parents have more in common than you might think! 

Of course, we kind of already knew that, didn't we? After all, both puppies and babies require potty training. Both types of little ones are also always learning new kinds of tricks. They are both full of energy until they suddenly keel over, and every single tiny baby -- fluffy or not -- on the planet is cute enough that it's hard to resist the urge to squeeze them 24/7. 


I don't know which part of this video I love the most. I watched it at least eight times trying to figure it out but got distracted by how damn adorable the entire thing is! The video begins with a little ol' Frenchie puppy yowling with dismay as his human mama tells him it's time to get in bed. He's so human-like it's unsettling -- but in the best possible way!

His owner tells him it's time for bed and you practically hear him saying, "But I don't wanna!" Just like with a human parent, it takes a little bit of cajoling, but before long, the little guy hops into the drawer where he cuddles up with his blankie. The moment that really ups the cute factor into the dangerously-elevated zone? When his mama tells him to close his eyes and go to sleep ... he totally does! How many of us can say that about our kiddos? I can't even with this. You need to check it out. 

Does your pup sleep on command?


Image via frogfrenchiefun/YouTube

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