Greener Gift Wrap Alternatives

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Mini Totes, $1 from my local Dollar Tree

Found these adorable mini canvas totes at my local Dollar Tree for just, you guessed it, $1. That's equal or less than the usual paper gift bag. These totes will fit a few books or some art supplies and make great reusable holiday wrapping alternatives for some of the cute kids on my list.

Read on for more gift wrap alternatives.


In the article "Green Your Holiday Season" at, they suggest using biodegradable ribbon, recycled gift wrap, reusable fabric, and scarves for wrapping gifts.

SustainLane has some other gift wrap ideas in "How to Go Green This Holiday Season." Some of their ideas are reusing old maps and boxes for gift wrap and turning old holiday lights or VHS and cassette tape into ribbon. And then, of course, there are always the simple options of using brown paper bags, newspaper, and string or twine for wrapping instead of buying new gift wrap materials.

Don't miss SustainLane's Diana B. cool how-to video demonstrating furoshiki, a traditional Japanese method for wrapping things in cloth and fastening with knots. So amazing and cute!

And if you're giving a *little* special something this holiday, here's a tutorial to make a gift bag from a magazine page.

Before you wrap this holiday season, think outside the box (remember: reduce, reuse, recycle). There are lots of creative, eco-friendly ways you can dress up a package.

+++ What green alternatives to gift wrap have you come up with?

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