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10 Steps to Cleaning Your House in Under an Hour

woman cleaning her house

Everyone keeps talking about this "spring cleaning" I'm supposed to be doing. And you know what? Mama ain't got no time for that. But sometimes occasions arise in which we must make our homes look presentable to guests. Easter and Passover are coming, and while we don't have time to do a thorough top-to-bottom job, maybe we can carve out an hour to dig ourselves out of the worst of it.

So how about this: 8 simple steps for a quick, good-enough spring cleaning. (Those of you with high standards may want to look the other way.) Then share with us your favorite quick-cleaning tricks.

clean your house in just 1 hour


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CLM3345 CLM3345

I tend to have this crazy pile of books, crossword puzzles, magazine, etc that pile up like crazy. So I got one of those ottomans that's hollow for storage, so if someone comes over, I just throw my pile in there for a while. I make sure it's empty otherwise so it doesn't become a massive junk drawer.

Jacee... Jacee2348

These are just 8 steps to hiding all your shit that you'll have to work twice as hard to do later. :)

SRTmo... SRTmom6127

My quick cleaning tip is to not let it get so bad. I fabreeze the dog beds and vacuum every night so there's no dog fur, and hopefully no overwhelming dog smell. I too have the hollow ottoman for my stuff and if there's anything else out when people come over I just say it's my husband's, which 99 out of 100 is a true statement!

eleph... elephantmamaof2

I agree with 8 steps to make it harder later lol. I hate tips on "faking" a clean house. Its really not that hard to just keep it uncluttered and presentable.

mompam mompam

Why not just do the dishes and empty the dishwasher? This list makes my stomach hurt.

the4m... the4mutts

This. Is. Not. Cleaning.

Every time you bloggers talk about cleaning, you make yourselves sound like lazy ass slobs.

Don't hide the mess, CLEAN THE DAMN MESS!

Em Chappell-Root

Sorry, I have a bunch of rude, judgey butt relatives who like to call with 15 minutes notice to say they are "just dropping by". I HATE people coming by unannounced, because it throws off my schedule and day. Even when i say, "Sorry, we're just about to head out" they'll just speed on up to get there before we leave and then take forever. If I say no, then the whole family acts like I'm the spawn of Satan, rude and hateful.

I also have 4 kids, a dog, and a husband that works 2 jobs all in an itty bitty 1100+ square foot apartment, and a dishwasher that does not work. So I've done this, all of it, several times. I also have a large laundry room, Thank God. So when I get these calls and the house is a train wreck, I dump all the stuffed animals in the play pen, and use those bins to do a clutter catch that I throw in the laundry room. And once the guests are gone, I bring them into my living room, sort them out, and put them away. And it takes maybe an hour tops. When you're rushing because you have no warning, anythings acceptable. Not everyone has the time, energy, or interest to clean 24/7. I've got a family to spend time with, hobbies and interests of my own, and I'm not anyone's maid, so I'm not responsible for the entire mess by myself. 

iicar... iicarmerin

My cleaning tip is clean your house thoroughly once a week and don't let the house get out of control the rest of the week. It's easier to keep things up rather than letting them pile up.

badas... badaskmom

1. Go to

2. Type in maid

3. Pick one

4. Call and make and appointment

5. Get money all ready together

6.Open the door

7.Give intrustions

8. Play with kids

Easy, simple, and you still get to spend time with your kids. 


nonmember avatar jennifer wells

Must be nice to have all the time in world to clean. The last thing I want to do is cone home at 9:00 at night after putting in an 8-10 hour day and worry about cleaning my house. I come hone my son and I pick up his toys and that is it. Usually if I know I am having a get together then I will clean one room a day. If people want to drop by my house unexpectedly then they will have to deal with my son's toys and dust, if they want to complain then maybe they should give me a couple days notice first. My dishes get done everyday and toys cleaned up every night. But on my days off I would rather spend quality time with my son then clean the house from top to bottom.

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