Woman Preparing House for Renters Finds Dead Ex-Husband Under Stairs

A woman in Anchorage, Alaska got the shock of her life when she discovered that her ex-husband, who had been declared missing a year prior, was actually underneath the staircase inside their home -- dead. The man, 37-year-old Samuel Ephram McAlpine, had been declared missing after he disappeared following a date. At the time of the disappearance, McAlpine and his wife were in the midst of a divorce and not living together.

The home they had previously lived in together had been rented out to tenants. But before the tenants moved in, McAlpine apparently decided to return to the home and tuck into a crawlspace underneath the staircase. There, he died from what may have been drug-related causes.

For whatever reason, the tenants failed to notice or smell that they were living with a dead man for a year. It's possible the tenants were in the military, as were the wife and missing man, and were deployed for much of the time.

However, when they moved out, McAlpine's ex-wife came over to prepare the home for the new renters. She's the one who detected a "foul smell" and began looking around, where she found her ex in the storage space underneath the stairs.

Police do not suspect foul play -- no pun intended.

How awful for the poor ex-wife having to discover that. What a gruesome shock that must have been! And, of course, the poor man. What would drive him to crawl into the little storage space under the stairs?

Have you ever found anything unexpected in a rental?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

When we moved in to our current house I found mildewed laundry in the washer and a pube-festooned bar of soap in the shower. Until today I have never been grateful that that was all I found.

Todd Vrancic

Rhonda, how awful!  Worst we found was black mold in the entry.  The landlord refused to do anything about it, too.

JS0512 JS0512

My best friend and her husband found cocaine (small amount) behind the heat registers of their new home. That was interesting. But my brother and his wife picked quite the house. They bought a house (never went inside) that was being rented next door to her sister. They had to dig out tires from the back yard. There were two dead deer in the pool (full of muddy water). Trash shoved down the heat registers in the master bedroom. And the winner: apparently the woman that lived there previously didn't dispose of her pads in the trash (like a normal person), she would stick them to the wall underneath the wash tub in the laundry room. They got the house for a steal and it looks amazing now, but it was disgusting!

nonmember avatar tiny

when i was younger i found like conterfeit money in a detergent box it was alot too i was still like i grabbed it and cut it out because it was in sheets of paper i played with them until my dad caught me and made a big deal about it he threw Clorox with water flushed them down the toilet

colin... colins_mom

A friend of mine had a lump under her rug for years. Had no idea what it was. Then she and her hubby were pulling it up they found 4 envelopes filled with hundred dollar bills. They called the guy who they bought the house from and he was like "oh thats where that went" and let them keep one of the envelopes. He had been hiding the money and forgot thats where it was!

Bubby... BubbyAndShmee

Colins_mom, I ain't even gonna lie, I probably wouldn't have said a damn thing...

zoenl... zoenlandonsmom

We found a crack pipe on the top of a door frame of a rental and a bunch of nasty stuff the landlord gave us 3 months free rent to clean the house up should have just paid the rent and had them clean it

nonmember avatar Gabby

We found some gold coins in a dead space in our house. We tore down a wall to utilize this dead space and there they were in an old tin box. We figured they had been in the house since before 1945 since there were ration stamps and other things like that inside the box. We couldn't get a hold of the people that owned the house before us and they guy's mother and father built the house in the 1920's. Apparently we were sold the house as/is with everything in it so the coins were ours. I still have the car we bought...

nonmember avatar Dorothy

It was actually on Eagle river Alaska not anchorage. ( I love in Alaska)

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