New Amazon Fire Fixes the Biggest Headache About Streaming TV

Amazon Fire TVAmazon finally joined the ranks of Apple TV and Roku and launched its own streaming device on Thursday. Amazon's Fire TV is a sleek black box that hooks up to your television set and the Internet so you can watch Netflix, Hulu, and of course, anything from Amazon that you would normally play on your computer or tablet.

Not only did they launch their own device, Amazon has upped the ante by "fixing" one of the most common gripes about searching for the content you want to watch. You know what I mean -- you have to move that little cursor up and down and back and forth, clicking each letter into the search box. It's a pain in the butt, amirite?


OK, I know, #FirstWorldProblems, but still, I'll take a fix if I can get it.

According to reviewer Timothy Stenovec over at The Huffington Post, Fire TV has a stellar voice command system, which relieves viewers from painstakingly clicking in each letter with little arrow keys. He writes:

Here's how it works: Hold down the microphone button on the remote, and speak your query into the top of the remote, like it's a microphone. When you're done speaking, lift the button, and the text of your search appears on the screen. When you click it, you're quickly taken to whatever you asked for. Since the remote uses Bluetooth to communicate with the Fire TV, you don't need to point it at the device. (Looking at you, Apple TV.)

Ha! I have Apple TV, and I know exactly what he's talking about.

Anyway, I just had a vision of my 6-year-old being able to find her own shows on Saturday morning when she wakes up a solid two hours before her big sister and me. She knows how to work the remote, but she's just barely learning to read and write, so one of us needs to get up to type "My Little Pony" into the search box if it hasn't been watched recently.

For some reason the 10-year-old usually sleepily tells her to get lost, but as her mother, I am somehow denied the privilege. It sounds like a dream come true to be able to have her just tell the TV what she wants to watch.

Would you consider switching your streaming device for the voice feature?


Image via Pierre Lecourt/Flickr

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