6 Embarrassing Things You Wouldn't Do Online If People Were Watching

Woman on LaptopOn April Fool's Day, I read a post that had me shaking in my Ugg boots. It basically described changes to Facebook that would allow users to see who had viewed their profiles.

Thankfully, it was just a prank post, so amateur cyberstalking may continue undeterred. Because really, do you want your ex or your crush or your high school nemesis knowing that you occasionally check out their pages out of sheer, morbid curiosity?


Didn't think so. Me neither, even though I am waaaay too mature to engage in such juvenile antics myself. *cough cough*

Seriously though, how many silly embarrassing things do people do online that they don't want anyone to know about? Would your Internet activity change if your browser tab history was public knowledge? I'm thinking yes.

Here are six things people would probably stop doing online if they knew people were watching.

Porn: Come on, you knew this had to be numero uno on the list, right? Obvious.

Playing Facebook Games: It's OK, we can probably guess how much time you spend playing based solely on what level of Candy Crush you're on.

Diagnosing Yourself on WebMD: No one wants to be a hypochondriac, and even us relatively healthy people probably spend way too much time trying to figure out why we get headaches. Blame loud noises, stress, children, or a hangover and be done with it already.

Following Pointless Arguments on Twitter: You're above engaging in them, of course, but that doesn't mean you don't enjoy a good click-back-fest to find out what bee was in someone's bonnet today.

Cat Videos and People of Walmart: All I'm saying is these wouldn't be a thing if Internet users weren't spending inordinate amounts of time clicking through the links.

Stalking Your Ex: Ah yes, this might be the scariest one of them all ... it would be hard to play the cool, I'm so over you I never even think about you ever game if your former paramour could see that you viewed his profile 27 times. Today.

Are you glad that not everyone can see how you spend your time online?


Image via Ed Yourdon/Flickr

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