Hunky Cop & Stray Kitten's Love Story Goes Viral (PHOTO)

Hello, ladies, I have found my future husband, so please, do yourselves a favor and BACK OFF! Oh, I see. I'm not the only one who wants to marry Baltimore police officer Jon Boyer. And it's not because he's hot. And it's not because he's handsome. And it's not because -- okay, that helps. It's because he's a super soft soul with an affinity for kitty cats!


Boyer has become famous online for rescuing felines while on his rounds as an officer. He regularly brings them to a local rescue group. But he also ends up adopting quite a few -- four, at last count. (He has six cats total. Swooon.)

After a photo of him cuddling a stray tabby kitten he found went viral (something about that uniform combined with those bulging biceps and that little ball of fur), Boyer began getting tons of marriage proposals on his Facebook page, "I Love Jon Boyer," which has over 8,000 likes and nearly as many hysterically horny cat lady fans -- and cat man fans too, I'm sure.

Boyer went on to adopt the cuddly little kitten whose picture made him viral-famous, and he also became a spokestud for Show Your Soft Side, a community group that tries to educate people about how tough dudes and cute animals look awesome together (it also works very hard to place homeless animals). Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and Baltimore Orioles catcher Matt Wieters have also posed for the group.

There is no doubt that a good-looking dude becomes a fantastic-looking sexyastic megalicious hunkapalooza when he treats animals well.

Do you love a man who loves cats?


Image via ILoveJonBoyer/ShowYourSoftSide via Facebook

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