Sweet Baby & Kitten Bathe & Sleep Together -- So Precious! (PHOTOS)

Believe it or not, there are still some ignorant people who think babies and cats don't mix. I don't know if it's those old cartoons where cats would suck the breath out of babies (doesn't happen, people) or the sensationalist media stories about toxoplasmosis (easily identifiable; easily avoided) that make pregnant women and women with babies so willing to give up their cats, but either way, it's wrong. Cats and babies can have a wonderful, fulfilling, once-in-a-lifetime connection -- just like little kitten Lilly does with her "brother," a toddler whose mommy says Lilly thinks is her littermate.


Check out these adorable photos that mom to Lilly and unnamed baby posted on Reddit:

"Oooh, look! Dem baby hooman rolled toilet pepper out for me!"

"What is dat thing in my baby hooman's mout?"

Sure, sometimes you hear about cats "attacking" babies -- but that is so rare and usually with good reason. If you're going to let your babe run wild around an animal, then that animal may protect itself if it feels it needs to. After all, human babies have been known to kick, scratch, and bite each other -- and you still let your kid around other kids.

Besides, one look at this "cat attack" video and you can see the kid was loving it.

I grew up with lots of cats and am so glad I did. Plus, I have no allergies to anything now -- studies have shown that kids who grow up with pets have less allergies. I just love the way this kitten is practically right up this baby's nose.

So I think this little boy is definitely going to grow up to be a crazy cat man -- or just make some crazy cat lady very happy.

Do your kids have a cat?


Images via Reddit

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