Lion Cubs Try to Roar Like Daddy & The Result Is Precious (VIDEO)

When you watch animals, it's really amazing how much they are just like us. Whether it's a dog hysterically happy that his owner has left so he can roll around on the bed, or a sneaky bear who decides to take the entire dumpster with him so he can root around for a meal, animals are people too! Wait, that didn't come out right. I meant that animals have remarkably similar behaviors that humans have ... which I personally take to mean they have similar feelings and thoughts. Now from Africa comes this adorable video of a daddy lion teaching his little cubs how to talk roar.


Big Daddy lion has certainly got quite a roar on him, and when he lets one out, it's only natural that baby lions want to sound just like him. Only what comes out is ... well, more like a squeak than a roar. But they just won't give up. Check it out:

I love the determined little guy (or gal?) who stands up toward the end and "roars" just as loud as he can -- only he sounds like a kitten giving off an urgent meow. He or she is definitely the most determined to sound like daddy. So cuuuute! And isn't it just like a baby to want to copy what mommy or daddy says?

What a beautiful family this appears to be -- mommy, daddy, and at least four babies. How fortunate the people were who caught all of this on video. Totally adorable, though I would have kept my distance because daddy looks pretty tough.

Honestly, how can you look at a video like this and think animals are somehow lesser creatures than humans? If anything, given that animals don't wage war and haven't invented nuclear missiles, they've got a lot more going for them than we do.

Have your kids ever imitated your speech?


Image via YouTube

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