8 Super Cool Things You Can Make With Paint Chip Cards

Sunny Chanel | Mar 26, 2014 Home & Garden
8 Super Cool Things You Can Make With Paint Chip Cards

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Recently we painted our living room, and during our planning, we had amassed dozens and dozens of paint chip strips. After we had FINALLY decided on a color, these cheery and bright paint chips just sat there on my desk, collecting dust. But then it hit me: This was an upcycling opportunity if I ever saw one! And you know what? I was surprised by how many awesome paint chip crafts there are out there, including oodles that are easy to do with the kids.


Check out these 8 super cool paint chip crafts. Which one would you want to try?

Paint chip crafts


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  • Paint Chip Collage Abstract Art


    Image via Etsy

    This is a great craft to do with the kids. Cut the paint chips into different shaped squares and rectangles. The simple shapes make it appropriate for any age.

  • Paint Chip Object Art


    Image via Etsy

    For older kids, you can create something more complex -- like this adorable owl formed out of cut paint chips.

  • Paint Chip Earrings


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    Pay tribute to your favorite paint color by wearing it! These paint chip earrings are beautifully made -- the paint chips are laminated before being turned into jewelry. Paint chips can be used for necklaces, too.

  • Paint Chip 3D Art With Butterflies


    Image via Etsy

    This is an amazing paint chip project: making 3D butterflies and creating a piece of art! You just need to pick up a couple of butterfly punches in various sizes (like the Martha Stewart version) to create a whole bunch of the beautiful flying creatures.

  • Tiny Paint Chip Notebooks


    Image via Etsy

    The paint chip cards are sturdy enough to make a colorful and appealing notebook cover. Yes, the notebooks may end up being small, but you can take them anywhere.

  • Paint Chip Gift Tags


    Image via Etsy

    Never buy gift tags again! Instead, create your own using paint chips. Just trim the tops and punch holes in them, and you're done!

  • Paint Chip Key Holder


    Image via Etsy

    This one is a bit more of a complex craft but worth the work. You take paint chips, arrange them on wood, glue them down, screw in some hooks, and there you have it -- a colorful key holder for your hallway.

  • Paint Chip Banner


    Image via Etsy

    Paint chips make incredibly colorful banners for a birthday or other party. Just paint or write your message on the paint chips, and you have a great way to greet your guests.

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