Here's What Kind of House $300,000 Will Buy You (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Mar 21, 2014 Home & Garden

mesa arizona houseDo you ever wonder how much more -- or less space you could buy if you moved to another city? As a New Yorker, that game is almost painful. Oh, the palace I could buy in Utah if I sold my teeny little apartment in Brooklyn! We thought it would be fun to compare how much house the same amount of money will buy you around the country. The median house price in the U.S. is around $188,900. Let's up that just a tad -- here's what $300,000 (more or less) will get you.

  • Manhattan: 350-Square-Foot Studio


    This wee gem is listed at $299,000, but since it's New York City real estate there will probably be a bidding war, and it'll sell for more. BUT! It's located just off of Central Park, which is a really big deal! 

  • New Orleans: 4-Bedroom Fortress


    This house gets you away from the white hot party center in New Orleans, but you're still close enough to visit it when you want to. It's a 4-bedroom, 3-bath, 2700-foot house with high walls before the entrance. 

  • Ann Arbor 3-Bedroom Charmer


    This lovely house has 1652 square feet, 3 bedrooms, and 3 baths. Plus, you're a short drive away from the famous Zingerman's.

  • Mesa, Arizona Spanish Style


    This 3-bedroom house in Mesa, Arizona has nearly 2,000 square feet at $325,000. As a bonus, you get to pick your own fresh grapefruit every morning. And you'll never have to shovel snow again.

  • San Francisco if You're Lucky


    This 1-bedroom, 510-square-foot apartment on the less-historic end of San Francisco is listed for $340,000. You will not be able to buy an apartment in one of those adorable, classic townhouses on a hill. Hope you like wearing a coat in the summer.

  • Cleveland Suburban Shine


    This 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath, 2665-square foot house in the suburbs of Cleveland is going for $345,990.

  • Orlando, Florida Southern Charm


    This 5-bedroom house is actually two units, with 2214 square feet total, listed at $325,000.

  • Nebraska House With an Orchard


    $305,000 gets you the best of the midwest with this Nebraska house on a hill. There's 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, whirlpool tubs, a fireplace, new wood floors all in 2,775 square feet, and that's just inside the house. Outside there's a deck and an orchard.

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