Oscar Pistorious Is Selling the Home Where He Killed His Girlfriend

Psst, want a steal on a beautiful home in an upscale gated community? The only issue is that the house is in Pretoria, South Africa. But if you're willing to move to sunny climes, then you'd get quite a large home for the money (the house is valued at $456,000). Oh, and one other thing. The home was the scene of a gruesome high-profile killing. It's the house where Oscar Pistorius' girlfriend, beautiful model Reeva Steenkamp, died in a hail of bullets.


Pistorius, who is now on trial for his girlfriend's death, said that he originally planned to keep the house sealed up until after the trial, but now he needs to sell it to help with legal fees.

The former Olympic champ has been living with his uncle since he was arrested for Steenkamp's death, which he has claimed was a tragic accident that happened after he heard her in the bathroom and mistook her for an intruder. Prosecutors say he coldly dispatched with Reeva as she cowered in the bathroom after an argument.

The question ... who would want to live here? How would you be able to get up and go to the bathroom at night and not think about Reeva, and how those were the last steps she ever walked? Whether she knew the bullets were coming or not, she died in that bathroom, terrified, confused, and stunned that this was happening to her.

I understand a deal -- and possibly the price would be good, all things considered -- but that is just too much real estate baggage for me. However, I can see some macabre types finding the home's history a bonus.

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Then there's the little question of the neighborhood. Even though it is a posh gated community, it apparently has its share of break-ins, which is why Pistorius says he was on high alert that night.

Not for me, thanks. I think I'd live in the Ohio demon house over this one.

Would you live here?

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