Happy Birthday, Twitter! 5 of the Most Memorable Tweets

ellen's oscar selfie meme with grumpy cat Time surely flies when you are having fun. Twitter knows what I'm talking about! Everybody's favorite 140 characters or less based social media vehicle turned eight this week. That's right, eight years old! I kind of can't believe it. Before we know it, Twitter will have morphed into a truculent adolescent, all wearing black tee-shirts featuring Norwegian Black Metal bands and also they will probably stop washing their way. Sigh, ah to be young.

Twitter itself is celebrating its birthday by inviting users to discover their #FirstTweet. The concept is pretty self-explanatory, but essentially click a link and get your first tweet. Mine is pretty much the greatest thing ever. "Just stumbled into this latest techno-trend...*sigh*". The best part of that too-cool for school tweet? It was two full years late to the Twitter game. Good job, Stokes. Way to stay relevant. 


While my first tweet (and most likely yours, no offense) was far from riveting, the site has provided us with some completely jaw-dropping and memorable moments. To celebrate one more candle added to their cyber cake, we're offering up some of the most memorable Tweets to have ever tweeted. 

1. The Pope's First Tweet


Francis took over the cleared out account from Benedict, dragging the Roman Catholic Church kicking and screaming into the new century. 

2. The Miracle on The Hudson

The story of courageous Cap'n Sully and the intrepid survivors of the Miracle on The Hudson was made even more memorable with this insane viral picture shared on Twitter. 

3. Amanda Bynes' Breakdown











Amanda Bynes' rough breakdown that precipitated her seeking help and slow, steady return to mental health and wellness began with this series of totally out their tweets. 

4. Ellen's Oscars Selfie


It was the selfie heard 'round the world. Ellen's hilarious and celeb-filled selfie didn't just break records on Twitter, it inspired a world of fabulous memes. The world will be ever greatful.

5. First Tweet From Space 



The first tweet in space! Does it get any more epic than that? NASA astronaut Mike Massimino got the honor of sending this missive out. It's a good thing I didn't have to. The entire tweet would have been just "ahhsahfahdhgadgsg". Because I am scared of space. 

What was your first tweet?


Image via Twitter

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