Most Expensive Dog Ever Sells for Amount You Won’t Believe

Those of us who are "dog people" know these incredible animals are priceless. Whether you adopt an adult mutt for less than the cost of a leash at an animal shelter or spend a good deal of money on a purebred pup, it's difficult to say one dog offers x amount more in your life than another dog.

Until now.

A property developer in China just shelled out the most money ever spent on a dog. The cost has to make you shake your head and wonder -- why?! True, he's a cutie, and certainly looks unique, but at a "luxury pet" fair, one Tibetan mastiff puppy was sold for a cool $2 million. Honestly, is there anything in the world that cute?


The pups, which resemble golden teddy bears, are said to have "lion's blood" and can sometimes be ferocious, despite looking like gigantic poofballs. They're also rare, which may account for the high price tag, though it's still difficult to wrap your mind around $2 million. The buyer is said to be a man who hopes to breed the 1-year-old dog.

So what else can we say about this dog breed? Why all the hype? The Tibetan mastiff is a natural guard dog that is a challenge to breed and care for. He's intelligent but likes to destroy things when bored and bark all night when left outside. If you're hot-tempered or lead an unpredictable lifestyle, this isn't the dog for you, as it is very sensitive to change. And despite living a pretty long life -- some will survive up to 14 years -- these late bloomers can take up to 7 years to mature into adult dogs. But, get this: an adult Tibetan mastiff can weigh up to 290 pounds!

So, you get to live with an enormous dog who not only is prone to destroying things, but can probably wreck your car just by innocently placing one paw on it. AND he is going to get pretty upset and emotional if you suddenly decide to become a flight attendant or start switching boyfriends every six months.

There's no denying they are are adorable and snuggly and I would totally use my Tibetan mastiff as a pillow at night. Still, I can't help feeling sad that there are so many dogs in need of homes in shelters that can't be given away while this lucky pooch is commanding such high prices.

Would you spend a lot of money on a puppy or do you think it's preferable to adopt a dog from a shelter?


Image via Imaginechina/Corbis

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