Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady Sell Their Mansion for ... Well, Wait 'Til You See​

Gisele Bundchen boasts the kind of beachy waves any woman would die for, but it turns out she isn't much of a California girl after all.

She and husband Tom Brady are selling their insanely gorgeous L.A. estate -- less than a year after it was completed -- in order to spend all of their time in another absurdly huge abode in Boston, where Tom is stationed as the New England Patriots' quarterback. Don't worry too much about them, though -- they'll have plenty of money to put a down payment on a second property if they choose considering how their Cali mansion is listed for a whopping $50 million!


According to TMZ, the supermodel and her NFL hubby prefer the East Coast and are building a 14,300-square-foot house on 5 acres in Boston. Believe it or not, that's actually bigger than their L.A. house, which seems positively puny by comparison (riiight) considering it's only 14,000 square feet and set on 4 acres in the regal neighborhood of Brentwood. Ah well, I'm sure its luxurious features made up for the size. They designed and planned it to include an infinity pool, waterfall, pond, and state-of-the-art gym and then filled it with -- what else? -- antiques from all over the world.

Sounds terrible, doesn't it?!

So here's what else you'll get for your money when you close on Gisele and Tom's fantasy mansion:

A 6-bedroom French chateau set atop a hill that offers views of the Pacific Ocean.

Ceiling boards and floorboards made from reclaimed wood.

Ummm ... an actual moat and bridge!

A lush garden filled with apple, peach, plum, and guava trees, veggies, and even a chicken coop.

I don't know much about Tom's ideal environment, but I'm a bit surprised Gisele would choose long, cold, snowy winters over year-long sunshine and beaches galore, considering her Brazilian roots. There's a lot to be said for the East Coast, and maybe the couple is looking to raise little Benjamin and Vivian Lake in a more down-to-earth setting?

Why do you think the couple decided to sell their Los Angeles mansion just one year after completing it?


Image via Edward Le Poulin/Corbis

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