How to Turn Easter Peeps Into a Crafty Centerpiece (VIDEO)

Every spring I look forward to seeing an abundance of Peeps marshmallow treats popping up in our grocery store. All this time I thought they were only good for snacking on. Little did I know the idea of using the Easter treats as spring home decor has been spreading across Pinterest like wildfire!

After viewing a plethora of different Peeps topiary centerpieces, I decided I needed to get in on that Easter craft action too!


I gathered together a small flower pot, 6 packages of Peeps (assorted colors), two styrofoam balls, toothpicks and a gardening stake and got to work!

However, something happened with my Peeps centerpiece that I hadn't exactly planned on. Watch the video below as I determine whether or not this Peeps centerpiece was a Pinterest win or a Pinterest fail!

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How would you use Peeps in your spring decor?

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