Watch What a Dog REALLY Does When He’s Home Alone (VIDEO)

dog on bedEver suspect your dog is up to no good when you leave the house? You are not alone. We pet owners know how intelligent our pooches can be. We give them a rule and expect them to follow it. They usually do -- as long as we are around. Check out the startling discovery one dog owner made after setting up a nanny cam.


So the rule is pretty clear: the dog is not allowed on the bed EVER. While obedient when his master is at home, he relishes breaking the rule as soon as that door is closed. He doesn't just sit on the bed, he acts as though he's swimming laps in it.

I wonder how the owner reacted after watching this hilarious video. It's hard to get angry at a pet that adorable. Besides, it only seems fair that he get some bed time. It looks like the cat is allowed to lounge on it all day with no reprimand.

We have a similar rule in place at our house. The couch is off-limits to our shih tzu, but once we leave the living room, that is the first place he heads for. This just goes to show that our pets are a lot more clever than we give them credit for. They will ultimately do what they want to do -- no matter what we say.

What would you do if this were your dog breaking the "no bed" rule?


Image via YouTube

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