7 Really Nice Gifts You Can Buy at the Drugstore (PHOTOS)

Sheri Reed | Mar 20, 2014 Home & Garden

hammockAnother day, another trip to buy a last-minute gift, am I right? It never fails. Every time I let my guard down and think I've finally got it all tapped, the jolt of panic hits -- "Oh crap! I haven't gotten a gift for so-and-so yet!" Of course, by then it's too late to order online, and I'm pretty sure I haven't enjoyed going to the mall since like 1986. So now what?

Well, here's what I say. Don't underestimate your local drugstore. Beyond the decent bottles of wine, pricey liquors, and that rack of gift cards to pretty much anywhere (all good gifts in their own right), most drugstores have lots of nice gifts no one will guess came from the drugstore. 

On The Prowl, we rounded up all kinds of fun presents just to show you the possibilities. Check out this preview of gift-worthy goods you can find right at your local drugstore.

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