7 Amazing Space-Saving Ideas That Will Work in Any Room

Adriana Velez | Mar 14, 2014 Home & Garden

space-saving ideas pinMy apartment is about the size of a doll house, so I love space-saving anything. But in order to really work for me, a piece must do double-duty. I'm talking serious multifunctionality -- look good, do two different jobs, and maybe even fold the laundry. (Someone is going to invent that someday ... ) Here's 7 very chic double-duty ideas that will help keep the clutter at bay.

  • Leaning Wall Shelf


    IKEA's PS 2014 collection (in stores this April) has a lot of cool space-saving pieces. I especially like this leaning wall shelf, which you could put in just about any room of your home. I like how the cross bar at the top allows you to hang things as well.

  • Leaning Bath Shelf


    West Elm has a similar leaning shelf, but with a laundry basket. I could see this in a kids' room, where you could use the laundry basket for toys or clean cloth diapers.

  • Stacking Storage Table


    This guy comes in all white. You can use the top one as a tray. 

  • Storage Coffee Table


    Here's a higher-end version of that same idea -- a coffee table with storage inside. 

  • Peg Board Organizer


    I love peg board organizers -- they can go anywhere. You can use one in the bathroom ...

  • Peggy Board Storage


    Or in your front hallway. I use a peg board in the kitchen for holding pots, pans, and large utensils.

  • Corner Cabinet


    Got an odd corner? I love this cute corner cabinet. You can get rid of the legs and stack one on top of the other.

  • Fold-Up Secretary Desk


    A secretary is a desk you can fold up and close when it's not in use. I think it would also work as a dressing table. This one, also from the IKEA PS 2014 collection, has a deep shelf up top for even more storage.

  • Step Up Storage Stool


    I think we've all seen versions of this classic stool. This one comes with a little shelf below. I can see this working in the bathroom or just about any place where a toddler plays and sits (store toys below).

  • Storage Trundle Bed


    The trundle bed -- great for occasional visitors, but you don't have to put a mattress in there. You can also always use that space for clothing, extra bedding or toys.  

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