The Best Thing About Amazon Just Got More Expensive

Amazon Prime prices going upThe annual fee for membership in's preferred shopper program Amazon Prime used to be $79 -- unless you joined after buying a Kindle. If you went that route, it dropped down to $59. If you're a student, the price was even lower still at $39. The company has always been pretty great about providing deals to its customers. That's why when they recently announced that Amazon Prime's fee will be upped to $99 a year, I was in no way, shape, or form bothered by it.

Because Amazon Prime is still an exceptional deal. You don't need to be an extensive online shopper for the program's benefits to still rock in your favor. With Prime, you get free two-day shipping. For the impatient among us (HI GUYS, HELLO), the only thing that tastes better than the word 'free' on our tongues is 'fast.' Combine the two and you have a veritable chocolate-cheesecake of awesome service.


The service doesn't just mean free shipping. If it did, I doubt people would rhapsodize to the extent they do (and they do, ask a stranger on the street, they will wig out about it, I promise you) about the program. It also offers an increasingly large free-to-stream library of movies and television. So if the home technology section of your budget looks like it's buckling under the strain and you've got to implement austerity measures, it wouldn't be nuts to cancel Netflix. I say this as a movie and TV fiend (see: all of my recaps). So you know their selection has got to be pretty good.

Even if you have never once ordered anything other than books from Amazon, I'd still tell you to buy Prime. As a prime user, you get access to their pretty awesome lending library. This means more books for no dollars. When you buy a book, you very often get MP3 credits. I'm an old fart who uses only iTunes, but some day I will use mine to make a mixed CD. Because again -- I'm an old fart.

I've only got one request of Amazon in light of this hike. They are insanely wealthy. You can't seriously consider implementing drones for delivery service and not be. Play nice and keep upping your free movie and T.V. options. Plus lift the one-book-a-month policy from your lending library. That gets tired. Additionally, if you wanted to have someone make Kindle's platform more browser-friendly (a browser for those who look idly at books, not a web platform), I would not say no.

Does this price hike change your opinion of Amazon?


Image via sfsslim/Flickr

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