What Life Inside the Restoration Hardware Catalog Is Really Like (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Mar 13, 2014 Home & Garden

Restoration Hardware

Wouldn't it be great if that feeling you get when you walk into a Restoration Hardware store or open their catalog could last forever? You know ... like you've entered some fantasy land where the rich and famous gather to live life in the lap of luxury all while maintaining the perfect balance of serenity, order, and of course -- awesome mood lighting for any occasion.

Yes, my friends ... Restoration Hardware is the stuff dreams are made of. And owning even one of their exquisite pieces can make you feel like a celebrity -- even if you're the most normal, not remotely famous person in the world.

Check out these photos to see how stocking up on their goods can transform your pad into a place A-listers would love to call home.

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Images via Restoration Hardware

  • Rustic Elegant Dining


    Brad, Angie, and their entire brood will feel perfectly at home when they come to your next dinner party. The lighting and draperies make this dining room formal enough to impress the toughest critics, yet the table won't show any signs of wear when little fingers beat on it with their forks and spoons.

  • Royal Bedroom


    What's that you say? Kate Middleton is popping over for a weekend visit on her trip to the States? Not to worry. Your guest room accommodations are perfectly fit for royalty. The Duchess will especially appreciate the clean, crisp linens and antique, chateau style bed.

  • No Nonsense Living Room


    Even the most world-renown dignitaries will be keen to sit, converse, and discuss politics in this perfectly proper living area. (Note: fireplace not included.)

  • Luxury Spa-Worthy Bathroom


    You know who will really appreciate this bathroom? Oprah. It's clean. It's simple yet wonderfully luxurious. And every towel is perfectly folded and in its place instead of being draped on a rack as if this were a cheap motel. (Disclosure: It's best to use another bathroom in the house for bathing, teeth brushing, face washing, and makeup application to avoid turning the room into an eyesore.)

  • Outdoor Paradise


    After Simon Cowell has been to your estate for cocktails a few times, he won't feel the need to jet off to Barbados 500 times a year. Your outdoor entertaining area will be that appealing.

  • Heavenly Home Office


    What are you waiting for? Invite a couple of your favorite Hollywood directors over and entice them with a screenplay you've penned yourself based on your charmed life. Pour them a brandy. Then point out your favorite exotic travel locations on your simple yet chic world map. (Stargazing optional.)

  • Baby's Sanctuary


    Even Kim Kardashian would approve of a nursery like this for baby North West. A classic chandelier and crown-like drapery holder remind your princess of her place in life.

  • Tidy Playroom


    Sure ... your kids need a place to use their imaginations. But that doesn't mean you tolerate clutter and all sorts of toys lying about. Teach them to keep things neat with these convenient little cubbies, which require toys to be played with inside of them -- not on the table or floor. (Like most celeb kids are probably accustomed to.)

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