5 Sunny Escapes From the Cold for Under $110 a Night (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Mar 13, 2014 Home & Garden

family beach vacation umbrellas Most of us are feeling like we've had it up to here with this never-ending winter weather and, upon seeing the arrival of ANOTHER winter storm, are vowing to hop the next flight to Tahiti. Too bad it's right around this time of year that prices for warm weather getawaytend to skyrocket! Blame it on the kids' spring break, holidays coming up, or blatant price-gouging, but regardless, it can be all sorts of frustrating to not be able to find an affordable deal when you really need it the most. 

Thankfully, there are certain destinations where it's easier to find a steal. Here, five beachy hot spots with accommodations for $110 or less a night ...

Where would you like or are you planning to travel on the cheap this time of year?

Image via docentjoyce/Flickr


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