9 Cool Things to Do With Coffee Besides Drink It

9 Crazy Cool Things to Do With CoffeeAh, coffee. The magical elixir from the gods. Did you know more than half of American adults drink coffee every single day? Actually, it's about 54 percent of folks 18 and up.

Surprised by that number? Me too. I thought it would be higher. Which got me wondering ... if they're not drinking coffee, what could people be doing with it? Turns out there are plenty of uses for coffee -- beans, grounds, even the liquid -- that have nothing to do with slurping up the sweet, sweet nectar.

Check them out!


1. Exfoliate the Body -- Did you know you could use coffee to scrub the skin? All it takes is 1 cup grounds, 1/2 cup white or brown sugar, and 1 cup coconut oil to make a homemade scrub with a wake-me-up smell. 

2. Hide Furniture Scratches -- Have some wooden furniture that's seen better days? Well, don't throw out your wet grounds! Dip a Q-Tip in them and run it over the scratch. This will help minimize the look of the nasty scratch!

3. Keep Ants at Bay -- I've always used a vinegar spray to keep these little pests away, but a friend shared recently that coffee grounds spread near your doorway (on the outside) will do the same trick! 

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4. Enrich Soil -- My master gardener mother-in-law swears by coffee grounds to help feed nutrients into soil. Flowers such as roses and hydrangeas really love some grounds around the roots, and if your house plants are looking a little on the bedraggled side, throw some grounds in the soil to feed them.

5. Make Craft Sand -- Worried about possible dangers from playground sand? A friend recently shared a pre-school's recipe for mixing coffee grounds with flour and cornmeal for a "sand" that doesn't carry all those health risks.

6. Dye Your Hair -- Avoid the harsher chemicals of most commercial dyes and try this trick for a natural brown that uses instant coffee.

7. Deodorize -- A friend puts coffee beans down her sink disposal for a fresher scent. You can also put a bowl of fresh grounds in your fridge as a deodorizer; it soaks up the smells just like a box of baking soda.

8. Clean Your Hands -- Have a scent that's clinging to your hands (this often happens to me after I cut onions)? Try washing your hands with soap, water, and some coffee grounds. This doubles as an exfoliant but will also help get rid of that nasty smell.

9. Wash Stuck Food off a Pan -- Need a little extra grit to get rid of grease and grime on a pan? You know what I'm going to say by now, right? Yup, coffee grounds.

What do you do with coffee (besides drink it!)?


Image via Chichacha/Flickr

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