Couple, Baby & Dog Held Hostage by 22-Pound Family Cat (VIDEO)

Imagine being a prisoner in your own home -- because your sweet kitty threatens to tear you to pieces if you so much as move an inch from your bedroom! Teresa Barker and partner Lee Palmer, along with their 7-month-old baby and family dog, were forced to take refuge in their bedroom and call the police to come to their rescue after their 22-pound cat went absolutely berserk on them. The Himalayan cat, whose name is Lux, scratched the baby on his forehead, which drove dad to give the feline a swift kick in the rear. Bad move. The cat then became so enraged, he began hissing and trying to attack other family members, driving them to take cover from their pet behind a closed door.


Once they were safely locked in the bedroom, Palmer called police and told them their cat "went over the edge" and was very "hostile." Police said they could hear Lux howling in the background and dad claims the cat kept charging at the door.

Cops arrived ready to help and were able to catch Lux and place him in a crate. Teresa says she isn't sure the family should have a cat now that they also have a small child, but they are reportedly still thinking about whether they should try and find a new home for Lux.

I'm usually the first person to argue that cats and babies don't mix -- at least in my experience they didn't. But, in this case, I wonder what set Lux off. Did he feel threatened by the baby? Was the kick he received the thing that sent him over the edge? If I were in this mom's shoes, I'd definitely try and find my kitty a more suitable home. There are so many loving pet owners -- I like to call them cat whisperers -- who know just how to handle angry cats. They're absolutely amazing at taming their kitties and changing their behavior. Lux will not suffer if he can be placed with an owner who either doesn't have children or whose kids are older.

In this video, Lux's owner explains just what went wrong:

What would you do if you were this mom or dad? Would you keep Lux or try to find a home for him?


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