Realtors Caught Having Sex in Client's House & It's All on Tape! (VIDEO)

realtors kissing

D'oh! Remember back in December when a couple filed a lawsuit against their realtors after catching them having sex in their home, which they were supposed to be showing to potential buyers?

Yeah, well, now homeowner Richard Weiner has released a video he captured of the agents, Robert Lindsay and Jeannemarie Phelan, having sex -- which was featured on Inside Edition.

OMG. If getting caught and having a lawsuit filed against them wasn't humiliating enough -- think about how mortified these two must be now that the footage has been shared with the masses!

Check it out.


Yikes! At least this dude didn't make any of the raunchier scenes public, but still -- the footage is incriminating and embarrassing, nonetheless.

And I really don't blame Weiner (hee hee) for being pissed off and wanting to seek revenge on these two. Who would be able to sleep in their own bed after witnessing someone else having sex in it?

Plus, he trusted these people to not only show his house, but hopefully to sell it. To say they violated his faith in them by getting busy all over the pad is an understatement for sure.

Something tells me now that this footage is out in the open, Phelan and Lindsay can probably kiss their real estate careers goodbye. Who the heck would hire these two now?!?

Do you think the homeowner was too vindictive in releasing this video? 


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