8 Trailer Homes That Are So Gorgeous You Won't Believe They're RVs (PHOTOS)

trailer homeTrailer homes get a bad rap for being -- okay, fine, I'll say it -- "trashy." And sure, there are plenty of people out there who seem only too happy to feed that stereotype by refusing to care for their home. But not everyone who lives in a trailer park is like that! Check out what some talented people have done with their trailer homes. They prove that it doesn't matter how small your house is, or where it's located, it can be beautiful if you care enough.

  • Hipster Lounge



    Okay, this one is clearly benefiting from beautiful lighting, but I think it would still look great in any light. They found the perfect-size leather sofa and then kept everything else pared way, way down. Notice there's just one pattern here, the plaid blanket, which mirrors the straight lines in the table, sofa, windows, and walls. That's a big reason why this space looks so sharp.

  • The Right Bold Touches



    There's a lot here that's really working in this space: The track lighting, the shiny white floors, and the balance of dark and light. I love that she dared to hang that oversized mirror -- it looks fantastic. And since she sticks with a very neutral palette overall, with the black, white, and gray, that red on the shelves really pops.

  • Vintage Charm


    This looks like it's been lovingly restored. I like the cool greens and that pale wood. Not everyone can find a gem like this!

  • Airy Escape



    Look at what raising the ceiling did for this airstream! This look may be a little too hippie for some, but I think it works beautifully because they keep it pretty simple, and they added some greenery, taking advantage of all that light. 

  • Sweet Garden Spot



    Obviously this trailer is parked in a beautiful location. But look at what a few potted plants do to make it look cheery. I love the circles leading up to the door, too.

  • Flight of Fancy


    For the daring! I love the paint job on this one. And I like the matching curtains and hanging flowers, too. This really takes the trailer out of the realm of the ordinary.

  • All About the Deck


    I think this one is a vacation home, but still. A deck really makes this home special. I also love the tiled trim and the sweet blue shutters.

  • Shangri-La



    Wow, talk about creating a piece of paradise in your own home! I think this would have to be someplace where it's warm year-round. I love all the colors, and that covered patio area with the plants is so inviting.

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