11 Stages You Go Through When Your Cellphone Stops Working (GIFS)

The worst thing happened to me today, you guys. My iPhone froze. It was the black screen of death, and it wasn't coming back. No silver apple, no rainbow wheel of purgatory ... just deathy blackness.

It was a rough day until I made my way to the genius bar this afternoon to get it diagnosed and fixed. You know when you realize how much you use your cellphone? When it stops working, that's when.


Here are 11 stages you go through from the moment you first start having glitchy problems until you finally get your cellphone fixed.

1. Huh, the screen did that flickery thing again. That's annoying.


2. Huh. It's not coming back up. That's weird. Try not to panic, there are still buttons to push.


3. Pushing buttons isn't working either. Hold for 30 seconds, then swipe the apple when it appears? Lies! There is no apple.


4. Oh no. What if the phone is ... dead?

5. Start to panic.


6. Seriously -- don't pass out.

7. Make an appointment at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. Cross your fingers and say a prayer that they can fix it and it's covered under Apple Care. You did remember to buy Apple Care, right? Pray for that too.

8. Be bored and have no idea what time it is all day.

9. Almost miss your appointment at the Apple Store because you have no idea what time it is and also you couldn't set an alarm. Run like the wind through the mall!

10. You beg the Apple Geniuses to please, pretty please fix your iPhone.

11. It's back. It's working. You pay nothing out of pocket. You check your texts and email and Twitter. You're back online and life is good!

How do you react when your cellphone stops working?


Image via witer/Flickr

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